Thursday, October 2, 2014

blog post NINE!

hello everyone.
it's me and i know i haven't posted in a long time but.... i have a good reason to now.
honestly i'm in a college library trying to piece together what happened last night (not in that way).
so last night as some of you who know me know as the one direction concert. yes, it was the most epic night of my life. go on and judge me. i'm a first year college student attending a one direction concert. honestly it's so much more than a band.
so to begin with ....
we have to begin where it started and how i became a fan....
i stumbled upon a photo of harry styles one day on a fashion website. it's used dominantly in the U.S and the U.K. i was a huge justin bieber fan and there was a gossip site updating constantly on his whereabouts. one day i checked the website and it was filled with this boyband.... another jonas brothers... oh no! i googled harry styles and turns out he was part of that boy band. all of this happened towards the end of 2011. no one, absolutely no one in my high school had any clue who harry styles was or his band. i know this because i had a cover of harry styles as my binder cover.everyone just stared at it having no clue. what makes you beautiful came out during winter break and it was the song i listened to all.the.time. ask my mom. she'll tell you. she knows every single lyric. 
anyways my godmother... if she's reading this (:
got me the album shipped from england for christmas and it was probably the best gift i got. it even has a sticker indicating it was made in England. 
anyways... i stayed this huge fan. i did have the phase where louis was lewis and where niall was neal but no one knew who they were so did it really matter? soon enough i learned all their names.
it was the Up All Night tour. their very first debut in the US. I remember it clearly.... because my friend had tickets and she was going to offer them to me but she wanted to go. i was younger so i cried in my room. i cried for hours. 
" why don't i have tickets? i've known about them before any of my classmates have"
"why is life so unfair"

i'm a bit dramatic i must admit. 
anyways then take me home came and i met my amazing best friend because she understood me we both understood how much we loved them. it was music that made us bond.

anyways Take Me Home was coming around. we literally tried every single radio competition... and nothing... another tour.

being completely honest i cried once more because my mom basically drove me to Atlanta which is where all my friends were taking these close videos to them at their hotel.  AND my mom decided to say 
" I think we're heading the wrong DIRECTION" 
needless to say cue in the tissues....

and subtract the one direction piece.

music is something that brings people together.
it's something that unites us with it. 
my mom asks why i listen to music so much....
this is why.

she's still my best friend. i attended the movie for them and honestly it was such an amazing experience i bonded with so many fans. age wasn't a factor we all understood how it was like to be such a huge fan. we all wanted the same things and that was to see those five boys....

as a fangirl.. they're the most positive role models i've encountered. they haven't done anything (tremendously) crazy. 

their next tour was Where We Are! and they've only declared the international dates at the time... let me tell you how dedicated i am.

i was willing to travel to my home country of Uruguay to go see them on my graduating year close to the date of graduation. literally 12 days i was (I'm thankful I didn't because.. i had A's & B's but don't tell my mom that).

so finally after months they announced Oct 1 2014 Atlanta........ 

i had to pull strings with my grandmother who i owe a massive thank you and even recorded a thank you from harry himself thanking all the family members who bought tickets for the fans to see them (:.

my ticket was on the floor..... let that sink in.
not only was i going to see them, but i was going to see them up close and personal.
i was super excited and i honestly found out on christmas i had the tickets. i waited from december up until yesterday to see harry styles.

so as all of this was happening..
as i watched harry styles on stage...
as i have to decide what the next steps in my life are...

i decided broadcast journalism. as much as harry styles is attractive and he's selling out arena's it would mean the world to me to have an interview with them and know the story behind the music, tours and fans. it would be amazing. it would be such an experience to see them first hand ( harry if you 're ever reading this... i hope you'll be my first interview and all those four boys)

but as that idea ran through my mind..

as i have mentioned or maybe i haven't cancer is something that hits home to me all the time. it's something i experienced with those i love most and something that needs a cure.

while i was having my ticket i felt blessed and grateful.

as i said music connects people and i want nothing more than to give back. i want nothing more than to give the experience i had to a child who is suffering from cancer or has suffered from cancer and not even cancer any disease.. not even one direction any artists they want to go see. they fight a constant battle.

as long as i have been a fan i know people who probably deserved that ticket more than i did not because i wasn't a big enough fan because they've gone through more battles then i ever have at such a young age.

i want to make a difference in this world. i want to leave some sort of imprint.

yes harry styles blew me a kiss last night.. yes it was the absolute best night of my life hands down but what can i give back from it? what can i contribute to the fans ? what connects us together regradless? it's the music.
i want to give someone the night i had. i want someone to feel that feeling that their real people. i want someone to get the kiss i got from harry. but most of all

i want to make a change.
i want to take all my experiences and give back to the world.
and maybe one direction is the way i can do this or maybe it isn't all i know is i wish that those fans who can't go had the chance i had.

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