Tuesday, December 30, 2014

blog post ten.


i haven't actually posted on here in a while and as you can probably guess. i've been pretty busy. i haven't given up writing as a matter of fact, it's rather the opposite. anyways as much as this helps you ( or so i can hope) it also helps me. i kind of have a straightened outlook by blogging on here.

today i want to discuss an interesting subject to most and that is the subject of love. ( sounded so corny i know)

but i have felt the need to post this a while back simply because as a college student i kind of have done my own field work on it. in a sense majority of my friends are single and let's say that the good 80% of them complain about it.

the week of finals amidst our procrastination in a dinner session, it became girls vs. boys and it was on that very subject.

the debate was quite simple: if a girl and a guy make eye contact. who should approach the other person first? clearly girls felt that the guys should come up and ask the girl for her number and clearly the guys felt that it was okay for the girl to do this. anyways it got relatively interesting as far as emotions go. girls say that girls get more hurt and the guys claim they have emotions. did it change my outlook on things ? perhaps not. it did answer one thing to me which is probably clear for both girls and guys: we often times go for what is wrong for us.

girls : are into the bad boy persona or the jerk persona and in the case of college perhaps the frat boy persona
guys: go for the easy girls ( in some cases) or the pretty girls.

could i be wrong? of course i can i'm never one to claim that i hold the truth because i honestly don't.
i' have never had a boyfriend and for all i know this could just be the people i associate myself with. honestly, have i had the opportunity of not being single? yes i have and i can tell you that i wasn't attracted to most of those guys, i was into the jerk way too many times. i can't deny it because it is the truth. am i shallow? yes i am and often times i'm told that i have a right to be ( due to youth not looks). has any guy ever caught my attention because of his personality? yes there was this one instance but this blog isn't about that ( let's say it was short lived in cause you were curious ). just think of it this way: often times we are single simply because we're looking in the wrong place and to be quite honest i now rethink the guys i like because i simply doubt my taste. i obviously judge a book by it's cover. i clearly am too old school and i do live in an illusion where the guy will approach me ask for my number and hit it off. my question to you is it an illusion to have the full package? or do we as women live in a society where we  have to make the first move?

but here's the other thing often times love occurs when we least expect it. it's something we can't force or expect and as a girl who's waiting on her prince charming i can tell you it from my own personal experience around my friends. nearly none of them we're searching and if they were it ended quickly. so do we simply put those dreams on pause and pursue our own? that depends on you. to answer this question personally i'm telling you that it is best to pursue your own and allow things to happen. believe me i hate being that person to say this to you as much as you hate reading it because it is often times what you hear. believe me it is what i hear as well.

can i conclude this blog post effectively, i honestly can't but  here's another thing.: I'm skeptical of most guys. there i said it, you guys out there have made me skeptical but then again i watch too many chick flicks and read too many romance novels. in my field work, i have grown increasingly skeptical and only to find that when i have no expectations it is when i am surprisingly please ( this applies to a lot more things in life other than love). do these movies paint us a false picture of love? in a way they do but in a way i still believe that love is something magical. in all of the few places i travel when i see an old couple ... i do still believe that can be one day ... but then again this is an 18 year old girl blogging and who am i to say anything when i have yet to encounter it personally.... my inexperience is something i do not take pride in and as for that boy with the personality... i hope that he can read this.. yes i just wrote a huge indirect in a sense.


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